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About Us

"Experience Is Not Expensive. It's Priceless"

Ron McProud has been in the mold business since 1994.  In 2000, he founded The Mold Detective, a company whose primary objective is ‘assessing indoor air quality’.

California has no established guidelines or licensing requirements for companies that deal with mold.  Therefore, many companies offer an “all inclusive approach” when dealing with mold.  Most companies offer free or discounted inspections, along with remediation and restoration services.  We feel companies that offer these combined services create a “conflict of interest”.  A company whose business is the removal of mold contaminated materials must first find that mold is present and contaminating the indoor air quality or a structure.  If this all-inclusive-company conducts the mold inspection of a structure, it would ONLY benefit if mold were present.In this case, the conflict of interest is the monetary gain for this all-inclusive-company to find mold present. They could then bid on the cost of removing the mold-contaminated materials and restoring those areas with clean structural materials.  It is important to remember that bids are based on square footage. The more material removed, the higher the bid will be.  If you suspect you may have a mold problem we recommend hiring a company that does only inspections and testing before calling a construction contractor.


Most people who have a mold problem, or suspect that they may have a mold problem, are unaware of what it takes to correct a mold-related issue. Obtaining information is vital in resolving mold issues. However, where do you get that information? How do you determine if it is the right information for your particular mold issue? By calling The Mold Detective.  We provide our clients with information they can understand because it is realistic, not outrageous.

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